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Share in the experience of TEDxSydney 2014 as part of the live audience in Wollongong.

The full day of programming will blend talks and performances with interspersed “tasty video bits.” Once again, it is shaping up to be quite a day. Curatorial teams (talks, performances & video) have worked hard to ensure that you are delighted, challenged & inspired.

Catch the free shuttle bus to the University of Wollongong’s main campus for a day (or part day if you want to catch some weekend waves) of tantalising TEDx turn.

Food will be available for purchase from the UOW Panizzi Cafe from 10am-4pm.

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TEDxUWollongong – Liveability

Planning for and designing more liveable cities is becoming one of the most important challenges of the 21st century. Although the notion of liveability has attracted much attention in recent years it is fair to recognize that several misconceptions have hindered its coming into practice.


Prof. Pascal Perez

Professor Pascal Perez – “Modelling urban liveability”
Pascal is responsible for the management and delivery of all aspects of infrastructure modelling and simulation at the SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong. As the SMART Research Director he is responsible for establishing strategic scientific partnerships in Australia and beyond. Pascal believes there is a need to better understand how individuals and households assess their living conditions and living environment and how these judgments influence long-term decision making like residential mobility or transport mode choice. Aditionally – he thinks we need to understand how infrastructure systems relate to and are shaped by the life experiences of the residents and communities who depend on them.


Rasmus Frisk - “Designing Liveable Cities – Its okay to think big, just remember that people are small”
Rasmus is an Architect, Urban Designer, Associate Professor at DIS, Architecture & Design and Co-founder of arki_lab ApS in Copenhagen. He has extensive experience working on large scale masterplans, building design and specific public space projects, collaborating with a wide range of clients including city authorities and private developers as well as architect and landscape architect firms. His focus is to ensure the human dimension in architecture, urban design and city planning.

Lloyd Niccol

Lloyd Niccol – “Retrofitting our way to China and back”
Lloyd is a Mechanical Engineering/Bachelor of Commerce student. Over the past 18 months he has been the Project Manager of Team UOW Australia the recently successful Australian entry into the Solar Decathlon China competition. The Solar Decathlon is the world’s largest, student-led, sustainable buildings competition where students design, build and operate a net-zero energy house. The winning home, Team UOW’s Illawarra Flame, is a demonstration of how you can retrofit existing homes within Australia to decrease their energy consumption and improve their liveability.

Gordon Waitt

Professor Gordon Waitt – “Keeping it all together”
Gordon is a Professor of Human Geography with the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research, at the UOW.  He is applying geographical research methods to issues of sustainability. His research interest is in the relationships between people and place. For his TEDx talk he will explore how Life’s work is the everyday messy practices by which we link together activities and spaces of unpaid and paid labour; how we ‘keep-it-all-together’. What can we learn about sustainable living from how people juggle life’s work?”

Sara Adhitya

Dr Sara Adhitya – “Musical Cities”
Dr Sara Adhitya is an Urban Designer with a multidisciplinary background in environmental design, architecture, urbanism and sound design. She has collaborated with design, research and governmental organizations around the world towards improving urban liveability. Awarded a doctorate in ‘Quality of Design’, she has been developing an audio-visual approach to urban design in collaboration with the University IUAV of Venice, the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales of Paris, and the Ircam-Centre Pompidou. Her research explores sound as an indicator of design quality and its integration in the urban design and planning process. Her aim is to improve urban liveability through the composition of more ‘musical’ cities.

Brian Collins 2

Professor Brian Collins : “Cities in Context: Policy and Governance Issues”
Brian is an Engineering Policy Expert, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and former Chief Scientific Adviser for the UK Department of Transport. His talk will discuss how “Cities exist in nation states and policies are made and implemented by both, one set for the good of the nation and the other set for the good of the city – it is not obvious that the governance regimes and policy frameworks will automatically be coherent”

Master of Ceremonies - Professor Ian Buchanan

Ian Buchanan editSmall



TEDxUWollongong – Medical Bionics
How close is the bionic eye? Are we on the brink of a cure for spinal cord injuries? What are the ethical implications of medical implants? Will we start microchipping people? These big questions and more were explored at the inaugural TEDxUWollongong 2012. Watch our speakers in action.


Prof. Gordon Wallace
Prof. Gordon Wallace

Prof. Mark Cook
Prof. Mark Cook

A/Prof. Katina Michael
A/Prof. Katina Michael

Prof. Rob Shepherd
Rob Shepherd

Sue Young
Sue Young

Vance & Latukefu
Lotte Latukefu & David Vance